Parsnip GF Bread BLT Sandwiches with Lemon Zest Aioli



OMG!  Thats all you’ll be saying after you eat this sandwich.  Hands down some of THE best gluten free bread you will eat.  It’s not only easy to make (um, 10 minutes) but delicious and will hold up to the heartiness of this delicious BLT!!!  Come on, we know how delicate most GF breads are!  Crumbly.  Too dry.  Too dense.  too chewy.  too time consuming to make.  THIS will solve all of those problem and then some!  This bread will provide so many nutritive benefits, plus its super easy to make, delicious and super moist!!!!  Major score here!  I would outline all the major benefits of parsnips BUT, thats a whole other conversation and topic I can cover in my cleanse groups😉.  I’m not a fan of writing overly long blog posts about recipes…..but, I do love recipes and food and sharing all the above!  Enjoy!


2 large parsnips

1 cup of gluten free all purpose flour (preferably King Arthur)

3 large eggs

Trader Joes Everything bagel seasoning



So easy!  Preheat your oven to 425.  completely grease your pan with coconut oil.  Peel the parsnips and then shred them into the bowl.  Add the whisked eggs, flour, salt/pepper and a teaspoon of the everything bagel seasoning, salt and pepper.  Mix.  If the mix is overly wet then add in more flour until very sticky.  This dough is tough to work with.  You need it extra sticky for it to work though!  To work with it easier  add oil to your hands to form the dough pieces.  Sprinkle the bread with everything seasoning, but not too much!  It can be overwhelming.  Make these to your own particular size or use preferences.  Form them to your exact need of use.  They do not rise so what you pace on your baking sheet will be the size of completion cooking!  That’s kind of awesome.  I used these as sandwich bread so I made mine super thin but feel free to make a pizza crust, empanada crust, cutlet dough etc….






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