Veal, Turkey and Organ Meat Meatballs!

No words.  Only gratitude for these palm sized morsels of love!  I love me some organ meats but I love me some good old fashioned nutrients too.  We get these from whole food sources.  Meatballs are some of my favorite foods to cook in bulk and always have on hand in the freezer.  These are the perfect go-to meal when in a crunch!  Just take a few out of the freezer bag and microwave!  Perfecto!!!  Serve alongside a frozen veggie, salad or fruit.  No brainer!  Mom’s, feel free to sneak in those veggies here!  Don’t be scared.  Your kiddos will most likely have no idea.


1 pound veal

1 pound turkey

1 handful organ meat ( I usually find mine at Whole Foods in the freezer section)

1/2 diced white onion

2 handfuls of fresh. spinach thinly sliced

2 garlic cloves

1 egg

fresh parsley


1 tblsp GF bread crumbs


Chop, dice and mix everything together.  You literally can not mess this one up!  Bake 450 for about 13 minutes.  Once cooled, place into a freezer bag.  Freeze.




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