BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This right here was perfection in every way.  I’ve never been a huge bbq girl.  I’m just not a fan of super sugary things!  BUT, this bbq sauce is what I’ve been looking for my whole life.  The ingredient list is totally whole 30 and paleo approved and they only use natural sweetener choices.  Its delicious!  I developed this recipe for ease of cooking during the week.  I’ve been prepping ahead of time with baking whole chickens and putting the meat aside and utilizing my bones for broth.  What better usage of reheating meat than shredding it in some delicious already prepared sauce.  No, I’m not endorsing them and in no way affiliated with them, but just a mom always looking for the healthiest short cuts in my kitchen! I paired this with my sweet and sour dairy free creamy coleslaw(recipe on blog), chopped avocado and raw onions.  SO delicious!!!  What a power house meal of nutrients.


baked sweet potatoes

creamy coleslaw (suggested relish coleslaw on my blog)

Noble Made or any other clean low sugar bbq sauce


raw onion


Bake your potatoes until soft.  While those are cooking place your chicken in a pot with bbq sauce and shred up the meat.  Once potatoes are done cut them in half and start layering them with savory and sweet deliciousness!  Enjoy!




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